South African Entrepreneur is Making Learning Fun For Children Across Africa

Lungile Maile

A South African lady, Lungile Maile is breathing ease into the learning experience for kids in the Katlehong township, Gauteng province, South Africa.

Malie, the Founder of Nubian Smarts, an EdTech startup, is introducing mobile gaming to children from the Gauteng province, at an early age, through her company.

The games on the Nubian Smarts platform are designed for children between the ages 2 – 15.

Speaking on the motivation behind the creation of Nubian Smarts, Malie said that she wanted to create a platform that would impact Africa’s future by helping children solve their economic and social needs.

“The idea behind Nubian smarts, was finding ways to introduce educational mobile games that would cater to the social economic needs of township and rural areas parents,” she said.

“We are passionate about positively impacting the future of Africa through engaging and revolutionary educational games”.

Due to her belief that the platform would be of use to students across Africa, Malie’s next focus is to ensure that the app is available to schools in the Katlehong township.

“So, what we do, is that we send the brand ambassadors with devices that are pre-loaded with our app. We do this because the schools that we’re working at, we do not want to add a burden of buying devices in order for them to use our app, so we bring our own devices and when they get there, they ensure that each child actually plays. Our apps do not need internet connection in order for the learner to use it.” Malie further said.

Also speaking about the platform, Sebenzile Maile, a Numaths kids App facilitator said exposure to the app opens a new world to the children:

“For someone who has a device on a daily basis, you tend to forget the concept of how much of a difference it makes to your life. But then when you bring it to someone who doesn’t see it on a daily basis, who doesn’t have access to it, you open up a whole new world for them.”

Hellen Mapetla, a Principal at the Rising Sun Early Childhood Development school lauds the initiative saying playing games while learning simply makes learning more enjoyable.

“As we know that children learn through playing and to them it’s like playing whilst they are working and they are stimulated and they gain something out of it,” Mapetla added.

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