Five African Diaspora Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

The beauty of today’s modern world is how social media allows us to interact with and learn about places we’ve never physically visited. Social media has been instrumental in allowing Africans in the diaspora to connect with what is going on in the African continent. We have compiled a list of five Instagram accounts you should follow today. 

1. Every Day Africa


Founded by Peter DiCampo and Austin Merril, the Every Day Africa project is geared towards showing pictures of what daily life in Africa looks like to the international community. These pictures are mostly taken by mobile phones and show a fresh perspective of Africa that people not living on the continent most likely do not get to see often.

2. Lagos Photo Festival


Nigeria’s only photo festival, Lagos Photo Festival, has a very distinct Instagram feed filled with photos taken by its growing community of photographers and visual artists across the African continent. 

3. Marcus Bleasdaleg


Marcus Bleasdale is a photographer for National Geographic and Human Rights Watch. He has spent over 7 years covering the conflict in the DRC and parts of East Africa. Now, his Instagram is filled with glimpse of these projects and provide glimpse into the work that he does. 

4. Andrew Esiebo


Andrew Esiebo’s photography explores the contemporary life of Western Africa, the trappings, the beauty and all the in-between. 

5. Amplify Africa

Amplify Africa’s Instagram is the ideal location for people in Africa and the diaspora looking for news, videos and updates on what is going on in Africa and the diaspora, especially updates that show the beauty and highlights of the diaspora. 

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