I am 43% Nigerian – Meghan Markle Reveals Shocking Details after doing a genealogy test 

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has dropped a new revelation about her genealogy, and it is exciting news for Nigerians.

 Markle, 41, revealed the information in the latest episode of her ‘Archetypes’ podcast, that she is 43 per cent Nigerian according to the results of the genealogy she did some years ago. 

The episode titled ‘Upending The Angry Black Women Myth’, had Senegalese-American actress and comedian Issa Rae, Nigerian-American comedian and writer Ziwe Fumudoh, and Professor Emily Bernards as guests. 

She told Ziwe, “I just had my genealogy done a couple years ago… [I’m] 43 per cent Nigerian”.

‘This is huge for our community,’ a shocked Ziwe, 30, replied. ‘No, honestly, you do look like a Nigerian, you look like my Aunt Uzo. So this is great.’

Markle revealed she would take further steps into discovering more about her genealogy. She told her listeners, ‘I’m going to start to dig deeper into all this because anybody that I’ve told, especially Nigerian women, are like “What!”. 

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