Black Influencers You Need to be Following on TikTok

Social Media has become a huge influence in today’s society with many people now aspiring to become social media famous. Well, there are individuals that want the fame and others who just want to educate and have a good time doing it. Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Triller, etc have all been in competition for developing different ways on how people can become famous influencers.

TikTok ranks number 5 as most used, but it also has one of the worst reputations amongst the Black community, to the point where they had to actually write a public apology to Black TikTokers for their suppression of Black content, not to mention the obvious use of cultural appropriation against Black people by white Tik Tokers. Black influencers have been the craze and have been copied for most, if not all, the content we see on TikTok and I have incredible people that I want you to not only check out, but follow them and enjoy their videos and what they have to say!

,Tera Chantelle aka @terachantelle

Tera Chantelle’s TikTok is extremely motivational. She touches on self care, investing in yourself, Black excellence, spiritual enlightenment, and all sorts of Black unapologetic discoveries! She has a podcast that focuses on embracing your individualism, which I personally love, especially if you are newly single and are inventing a whole new you. She also has a YouTube channel and ways to work together to create your own brand.

Tera sat down with Amplify Africa and told us what she feels it’s like to be a Black Influencer on TikTok and other social media sites!

Amplify Africa: What do up and coming influencers need to know about this industry?

Tera Chantelle: (1) You must stand for something or you will fall for everything, (2) Believe that you can do whatever you set your mind to do. It’s either you can or you want, the choice is all up to you. Don’t allow negativity or self-doubt to get in the way. Embrace the beauty in this journey, (3) have fun and don’t take everything personal or so seriously. This journey is meant for laughter love and growth. Don’t lose sight of that vision.

AA: What made you even want to become an influencer?

TC: I always felt the urge to speak my truth, to live in my authentic power and be myself. I didn’t know what that would look like but I allowed God to lead the way. Now I’ve been in movies, shows & produce my own content and I’m going to continue to just follow the steps that are ordered & ordained. Never put yourself in a box.

AA: How do you feel about TikTok suppressing Black voices? And why do you stay on TikTok?

TC: It’s so unfortunate that our voices are still being suppressed but we just must go harder, we must be louder, we must not be stopped by any means necessary.

CJ @Kingcjddukes

King Dukes aka CJ first caught my eye with his funny spiritual TikTok skits, but as I began to watch him more, I found out he was way more than that. He is a very talented crystal jewelry maker and music artist! His positive energy radiates all over TikTok and the Black Spiritual TikTokers love him! He plays particular characters on his TikTok skits like “The Hope Dealer,” “Tarot Tyrone,” and “Crystal Cuz.”

My favorite is “Crystal Cuz” who is just a hood dude getting into his spirituality and crystals. CJ understands as people begin their spirituality that it’s all a trial and error stage. He teaches us inner healing and loving yourself. He teaches us to spend time in nature, love on our plants, and embrace mother nature as we should do anyway. More importantly, not only does he make crystal jewelry but he explains the importance of crystals, what they do and how to clean and charge them.

CJ also sat down with Amplify Africa and gave us a brief interview on his influencer journey?

Amplify Africa: What are three things you know about the industry now that you wished you knew when you started out?

CJ: Well with crystal wire wrapping you will need a lot of practice and dedication if you plan to be great at what you do. Know what type of wire and gages needed and what type of design you would like to be great at and stick it to then challenge yourself creatively. Do what you love out of creativity not for the money… that will come. I feel if you create from a need more then a want it can mess with your creative flow.

AA: What made you even want to become an influencer?

CJ: Honestly, my goal was not to become an influencer but to share my talents and ideas I had and with social media that helped me evolve into an influencer. My main goal is just to be me and let my light shine and inspire others to just be their authentic selves.

AA: How do you feel about Tik Tok suppressing Black voices? Why do you stay with TikTok?

CJ: With all social media platforms there’s only one that was created by a Black person and that’s Fanbase which I am also on. Now I do understand that a lot of what we create other people recreate the same thing and get more recognition for it. For instance, most of all the popular dances come from Black people and then some white TikToker does the dance and blows up from it. At the end of the day I really don’t care for social media like that but enjoy entertaining and making people laugh or creating something relatable And whoever sees it see’s it. But I’m pretty sure I’m just gonna move all my content over to Fanbase eventually, where we can get some type of compensation for the work and entertainment I create.

Randy Pyron aka @iamrandypyron

Randy is a content comedian that makes funny skits about everyday life! I especially love his content featuring life issues we in the Black community can all relate to. Some of my favorite skits by Randy are, “Life without Music vs With Music,” “Different ways people act when they drop their phone,” and “Different types of black people sitting at a long red light.” Check out these different skits on his TikTok page. Not only will your stomach hurt so much from laughing, you will immediately scroll to other funny videos. Most people that have skits on TikTok use all kinds of props and costumes, but Randy still has on his everyday clothes and a bonnet!

Dr. Umar aka @kingkongconscious

Dr. Umar is more than just a TikTok influencer but a Certified School Psychologist, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, Author, and Pan-Africanist, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a huge presence and following on Black TikTok. His views on the Black community are voiced loudly and he makes it very clear what he wants and expects from Black people.

He does his part to educate on Black history as well as how Black people can continue to succeed in this country by coming together and working together accordingly. He has done multiple interviews with The Breakfast Club, has ongoing lectures, wrote a pretty expensive yet informative book called Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys, and leader and founder of “Unapologetically Afrikan” which is a Black College and Consciousness Tour for 11 to 17 year old boys and girls. Fun fact about this guy is he that he is related to both the Great Abolitionist Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) and the late Bishop Alexander Wayman (1821-1895)!

Terrell Davis Aka @mintybongwater

Terrell Davis is full of good vibes, green spaces, tea, and solid advice. I first saw him on spiritual TikTok and fell in love with his mellow tone, positive attitude and of course his total vibe of a bedroom! He always welcomes his viewers with tea time and different herbal tea recipes, especially those that we can drink before bedtime. Like most TikTokers, they begin knowing someway somehow they will make whatever they love to talk about and express a thing and that’s what I believe Terrell did. Even in the beginning of his first you tube video he literally says “Welcome to the first episode of whatever this is gonna be.”

, Jasmine Garden AKA @jasminesgarden23

Jasmine is a whole MOOD! From her fabulous outfits, creative topics of advice, to her nonchalant attitude! Some people may look at her TikTok and think that she maybe a little more outspoken than they are comfortable with, but as you watch her videos you will start to see, not only is her content real, it’s actually very enlightening. Jasmine is also one of those creators that speak what we are all thinking. Her tagline is “welcome to the garden, cause you know I got kicked out of Eden,” offering 30 or 60 minute advice sessions and she also offers an interactive group session every Wednesday night called Sinners Circle , where people can engage in different topics and activities of healing.

Antonio AKA @heytonytv

Tony is widely known for his school administrator skits that just about everyone can relate to. With his really bad wig, goofy laugh, Starbucks cup, school teacher suit, and let’s not forget the thousands of keys on one chain, he has the character down 100%. Antonio’s personality shines through his smile, his jokes, and all of the work he does with “Hey Tony TV.” He just recently bagged a commercial role with Meg The Stallion recently and I am sure he will get more opportunities as more and more people embrace his comedic talents! Tony also has a ,clothing brand fans should check out, especially if you love some of his popular sayings!

Crystal Crave AKA @cravecrystal

A serious advocate for Black women and Black women’s voices, I first saw Crystal on TikTok defending our Black culture and community. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind or speak up for people that otherwise can’t speak up for themselves. She is also a gorgeous and talented rapper and model! Most of the time in her TikToks she is calling out white people that continue to disrespect Black people as a whole, but she also speaks out against the pressures of modeling as well as some pretty dope music tracks on her youtube.

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