The 5 African Diaspora Documentaries You Need To Watch Now

Documentaries are a great way to immerse yourself in and learn about a topic. Recent years have seen many streaming giants independent creators create a plethora of great documentaries that explore and tackle the history of the African continent as well as its realities. We have selected seven documentaries about Africa and the African diaspora you absolutely need to get into now especially if you are looking to learn about Africa as someone in the diaspora.

  1. Democrats

This 2014 documentary takes a look at a politically unstable Zimbabwe as its leading man, Robert Mugaba puts together a new constitution, and follows the controversial 2008 elections in Zimbabwe.

  1. The Pearl of Africa

An inspiring documentary that turns the camera on the reality of navigating Africa as a transgender person and follows the day-to-day life of a transgender woman named Cleopatra Kambugu living in Uganda.

  1. Is that Black Enough for You?!?

If you are a film nerd or have any affinity or interest in  the history of Black films and Blackness in film, this celebrated documentary by  film historian Elvis Mitchell takes you on a dive into the history of Black cinema.

  1. The Hair Tales 

Featuring a number of celebrities like Chloe Bailey, Issa Rae, Oprah Winfrey and more, The Hair Tales tackles culture, identity and beauty all through the lens of hair and what it means to them.

  1. Aftershock 

Pregnancy-related mortality rates among Black women are over three higher, compared to the rate for White women. Aftershock attempts to spotlight this life-threatening issue and the reality of how systemic racism in the US leaves Black women vulnerable.

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