Want to Write for Amplify Africa?

We’re always looking for new writers who have a story to share. If you’re interested in submitting to Amplify Africa, please read these submissions guidelines thoroughly first!

What is Amplify Africa?

At Amplify Africa, we’re all about amplifying the voices in Africa and the Diaspora.

We describe our platform as a one stop shop, amplifier, scout for African talent, trends, cultures and innovations.  There are tons of stories about Africa and its diaspora that aren’t being told.


The African story doesn’t just end within the continent, it also extends to its diaspora.

The Amplify Africa Blog serves our readers in the following ways:

  • Create Community for Black people all over the world. We represent a safe space for the expression of culture and truth. 
  • Representation: The global Black community is blessed with diverse interests and our platform does its best to represent those interests to the world.
  • Education: We also present a safe space for all to learn without judgement and for allies to learn about the diverse cultures within the global Black community.  


What We Love

Let’s talk about the things that get us excited! We love well researched insights into cultures in the Diaspora and how they can be traced back to the continent. We love hearing about talented Black people all over the world and how they are amplifying Africa in their respective careers. We are interested in articles that simplify cultures, norms and economies in Africa for people looking to invest or return.  We want  African topics that a global audience can relate to or identify with.  We love entertainment topics e.g music, film and fashion reviews. 

We love well-researched opinions of breaking news as it relates to Africa, its diaspora (America, Brazil, France, UK anywhere there are Black people). Don’t just tell us what happened – make it relatable.

What We Don’t Love

Gossip? Hungry children? Negative opinion pieces about the continent? No thanks! Amplify Africa is trying to present a better picture about the opportunities in Africa and the talent of Africans around the world to a global audience as opposed to the backward thinking portrayal of the continent by western media. 

Not a Writer, But Have a Story to Tell?

Amplify Africa puts out  regular call-to-action for stories from the community based on specific themes we’re interested in exploring, the most common of which are the different independence days of countries in Africa and its diaspora. If you are responding to a call to action, please send your full story in the email with as much detail as possible. If we are interested, one of our editors will reach out to work with you on publishing your story.

Call-to-action submissions are not paid.

If this is your first time submitting to Amplify Africa, please keep the following in mind:

  • We prefer full drafts on the first pitch so we can get an idea of your writing style and ability to build a readable narrative.
  • Keep it light! Even when the topic is heavy, we want to see the takeaway. 
  • A sweet spot for length is between 800-2,0000 words for editorial pitches
  • We require the first piece from writers to be on a trial basis! We would love to see how well your writing does with our audience before we bring you on as a regular contributor.
  • Send your submissions to [email protected]
  • Put your proposed title in the subject line – keep it snappy and eye catching. Check out our current content to get an idea of how we like to structure headlines.

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