Ugandan Set to Make Organ Transplant Legal

The Ugandan Parliament currently have before it a bill seeking to make organ transplants legal in the country.

The bill, if approved, will make the East African country join the league of other countries like South Africa, Tunisia and Kenya which have legalised organ transplants and provide health facilities to optimise it.
Pending the approval of the bill which is scrutinised before the committee of health of parliament., Ugandan kidney patients who need organ transplants have been flown to popular destinations like India and Turkey with the permission of the Uganda Medical Council.

If the Parliament however legalises the bills, Ugandans who need an organ transplant would enjoy less stressful means of treatment and the cost of surgery and recovery could be reduced to about $8,000 instead of $30,000 for a transplant abroad.

The proposed legislation also suggested the creation of organ banks for people who wish to donate their organs.

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