Uganda Marks Scar Appreciation Day in Style with ‘My Scars are Beautiful’ Fashion Show

Lucy Kemigisa, a model with burn scars took part in the charity fashion show ‘My Scars are Beautiful’, in Uganda, Kampala on Oct 22 – AFP

People with scars in Uganda were spotlighted during the weekend after a charity show called ‘My Scars are Beautiful’ took place on World Scar Appreciation Day. 

The event which held in Kampala was organised by fashion store Khatz Moniq Apparel and it celebrated different body shapes and rare conditions and diseases.

Monica Khatokho, the creative director of the brand, shared that she herself lived with scars following she two life-threatening surgeries.

“This event here is a show with a cause, a noble cause,”, Khatokho starts off.

“We want to encourage the plus-sized women out there to feel beautiful just the way they are. The same goes to people with scars. I hated myself before, because of the scars. But the moment I accepted that, yes, this is something I cannot change about myself, that acceptance was healing to me.”

“I got my scars in 2011”, Lucy Kemigisa, one of the models recounted. “It was a fire accident. The house at home caught fire from a candle, and I was in there sleeping. I got burnt. I spent a few months at the hospital, and that’s how I got the scars. This event means so much to me. With the theme ‘My Scars are Beautiful,’ it brings out what we’ve always wanted to hear. Like, having scars doesn’t make you ugly. Yeah, you are beautiful, but in a different way”,

Proceeds from the charity fashion show will go towards an organization that is being set up to support individuals with scars, according to local media.

The World Scar Appreciation Day, celebrated on October 22 is observed to appreciate and accept body scars and move on from the mental trauma and painful memories that caused the scars. Scars may not be a beautiful sight. But scars reassure us that we can endure and that we can heal. Each scar has a different story: accidents, trauma, organ transplants, surgery, assault, etc. This is a day to explore these scars.

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