Tiwa Savage’s Drops Latest Project ‘Water and Garri’

Tiwa Savage has released her highly anticipated 5 track EP ‘Water and Garri’. It’s a project that features an international cast with artists like Nas, Brandy, Amaarae, Tay Iwar, and Rich King.

“There’s a song on there, very first song called Work Fada. It’s featuring Rich King and Nas. I’ve never created music like this. You just have to listen to it. You have to hear it. It’s not one of those things that you just listen to, you experience it,” Tiwa said, speaking about the project on the Zane Lowe Show. “Everybody that was involved, from Rodney Jerkins to Brandy, to Ty Dolla Sign, to Nas, it’s just, it’s incredible. When I played the record for Pharrell, he was blown away. He was just quiet for a few seconds, like, ‘Wow.’”

Brandy is an icon in R&B history, she’s made songs that will make her remembered for years to come and she has inspired so many artists, including Tiwa. Getting to work with Brandy was certainly a very special moment for Tiwa.

Here’s what she had to say about Brandy:

“Brandy is literally the reason why I started singing, literally. As a kid, just listening to Wanna Be Down, every interview I’ve ever had, she’s my favorite, my all-time, my mentor, everything. And I’ve been trying to work with her for years. It was a dream of mine. And when it happened this time, it’s not even just music, we connected like sisters. She’s someone that I speak to literally every other day. It’s beyond my expectation.”


It is interesting to note that the EP has songs with some of the biggest names in music, but the lead single ‘Tales by Moonlight’ features a relatively new artist in the game, Amaarae.

“So when I heard the instrumental, the way the beat felt just soft and light, but it still felt like this old-school vibe. You just want to two-step to it. So I wanted a record that felt good. The lyrics, even my delivery on it, my tone, I was very soft on it. But it’s a love song. ‘Tales By Moonlight’ was a popular program when I was growing up in Nigeria and it was this lady or this man that used to tell stories. So it’s me saying I just want that fairy tale type of love. I don’t want to lose hope in just finding real love. I still believe in that. No matter how many times I’ve been heartbroken, I still am a sucker for love. I still believe there’s still that fairytale Cinderella ending,” Tiwa said.


Interestingly, Tiwa Savage hasn’t released many songs with female collaborations, but she features two female artists on this EP, and we are here for it!

‘Water and Garri’ gets better with every listen, Tiwa’s talent is exuberant throughout the EP, and this is another solid project from Tiwa following up her 2020 album ‘Celia’.

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