These African Football Teams Will Be Playing At The 2023 World Cup

Globally, conversations about the 2023 world cup hosted in Qatar has dominated the news cycle. From the restrictions and special considerations that come with the world cup being hosted in Qatar to the teams that successfully qualified (as well as those that failed to) for the 2023 World Cup, most conversations online and offline have ultimately turned to the world cup.

Photo Credit: Al Jazeera

As teams gear up for a shot at the Qatar world championship, many Africans have wondered which African teams have a shot at it and will be playing at the 2022 World Cup. Since 1934 and beginning with Egypt’s participation, over thirteen African teams have taken part in the world cup tournament.

North African countries Morocco and Tunisia qualified for their second successive World Cups where Morocco will be facing off Belgium and 2018 runners-up Croatia, whilst Tunisia will have to compete with champions France and Euro 2020 semifinalists Denmark.

Senegal also qualified for the second time in a row and is slated to play off in a group of Qatar, Netherlands and Ecuador.

Ghana and Cameroon return after missing the 2018 tournament. Ghana is in a group with Portugal, Uruguay and South Korea, whilst Cameroon will be competing in a group comprising Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia.

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