The Five Best African Podcasts Everyone Needs To Get Into

It is easy to see the appeal of podcasts: opinions or information delivered to you while you are possibly busy working or at the gym or doing an array of things. It isn’t a shock that the medium has undergone such significant growth in recent years. In fact, there hasn’t ever been a better time to be into podcasts or to have one than right now. 

Today, there exists a wide array of different niches that cater to just about any specific interest and demographic. While there are so many podcasts out there that exist to cater to the African and Africans diaspora audience, we have compiled some of the most interesting podcasts out of Africa we think everyone needs to listen to.

I Said What I Said

Hosted by Jola Ayeye and FK Abudu, I Said What I Said is considered by many to be the most popular podcast in Nigeria and one of the most popular podcasts from Africa – and with good reason. Armed with great wit, and empathy, the hosts’ interview some of the most interesting minds from Nigeria, talk about navigating life as young Nigerian women all while playing Agony Aunts to their listeners.

I Like Girls 

Journalist Aisha Saludeen’s podcast ‘I Like Girls’ is dedicated to documenting the stories and experiences of women. With the podcast, Saludeen attempts to explore the everyday realities of women as well as push the envelope of storytelling especially as it relates to African women by telling stories that many may consider unconventional for African women. 

Not Your African Cliché

Not Your African Cliche features four African women combating narratives of Africa being pushed by foreign bodies and voices. Described in their own words as ‘ four Nigerian women with interesting opinions and a mutual disgust for ignorant comments about our continent. Yes, the CONTINENT of Africa. No, not the country! As a result, we have decided to create a platform where we can tell you more about us rather than letting Disney Channel and Nat Geo Wild do it for us.’ It is easy to see why this podcast is high on our list of podcasts to get into. 

African Tech Roundup

Tech on the African continent is experiencing a renaissance of sorts as more companies and collectives are finding their footing. African Tech Roundup is a South African-produced podcast that attempts to cover the tech renaissance on the continent. The team behind the podcast is described as “media makers and entrepreneurs with a nose for technology, digital and innovation news,” who dish out tech news alongside contextual critiques. 

Tea With Tay

Actor and media personality Temisan Emmanuel has established himself as a favorite on the screen – the big screen, on TV and even on social media where his few seconds skit garnered hundreds of likes and views. Recently, Taymesan has brought his trademark wit and humor to a new media venture: the podcast titled Tea with Tay on which he and an array of guests discuss issues like gender, Nigeria and more, This podcast is especially fun for people looking for a podcast that gives insight on what young Africans think about modern-day Africa. 

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