The African Live Channels to Watch this Holiday Season

African movies are some of the most diverse and interesting stories in the world. Whether told around a  campfire or passed down generations through cinematic excellence. Global audiences are now more  receptive to African movies. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, had a record shattering box office November, opening to over $180 million domestically in the US. It’s well on its way to grossing a billion  dollars globally. 

With the holiday season upon us, there is no better way to celebrate than watching diverse authentic Black movies and TV. From music and dance to comedy and drama, there is something for everyone to  enjoy. So, kick back, relax, and enjoy the holidays with free African movies and TV on AfroLandTV

With AfroLandTV’s live TV channels, this is the perfect way to discover new stories. You can choose from  various channels that focus on Black entertainment, Nollywood movies, News, Afrobeat, Kids, Lifestyle, Gossip, and more. These channels are premium so you’re getting quality entertainment 24/7 for free. 

AfroLandTV adds 11 new Live TV channels. 

Some of the best Channels you get to watch for free this holiday season include 

ROK – This is the live channel from Iroko TV, the largest Nollywood streaming platform in the  world. ROK is the Best of Nollywood. The channel is available globally in Europe and Africa but  now is available for the first time EVER in the US through the AfroLandTV for free. Whether you 

want to learn more about African culture or be entertained, ROK Africa is the perfect channel for  you. 

FEVA TV – Watch general entertainment from movies, shows, and news that positively project  Africa, Black, and Caribbean people. Catch the FEVA! Whether looking for fashion tips, celebrity  gossip, or just something to watch, FEVA TV is the place for you. 

4ACETV AFROBEAT – Showcasing trending African music, including Afrobeat, Amapiano, and  Afrohouse, amongst others, the 4ACETV AFROBEAT channel is the perfect place to experience the  best African music and culture. Weather you have the channel running in the background for  atmosphere, this is the channel for Afrobeat. 

R2TV – A light entertainment channel with a mix of bouquet exciting programs focused mainly on  lifestyle, fashion, and reality. R2TV is your go-to channel for the latest in Reality TV! From the  biggest hits to the hidden gems, they’ve got everything you need to stay up-to-date. 

X2DTV – Africa’s leading gospel-inspired entertainment and lifestyle TV channel. X2DTV provides  top-notch, wholesome family entertainment that is motivational, entertaining, and educational. 

Teen Africa – A family-orientated channel dedicated to quality, entertaining and educative  programs. The channel allows African teens to share their stories, experiences, and perspectives  with the world. 

AMusic Channel – Another Afrobeat channel, it showcases some of the best in Nigerian music. The AMusic channel is great for finding new music just for you.  

Aforevo 1 – A bouquet of contemporary Nollywood movies and programming carefully selected  for quality entertainment. The content on the channel is a mix of music, comedy, and  entertainment. 

A-Z Mark Angel Comedy – A-Z Mark Angel Comedy channel features some of the best comedy skits  from West Africa. A perfect combination of laugh materials that will always make you laugh aloud. – This is Africa’s Biography, Discovery, and History represented under one channel. The  Yebo channel is a great resource for information on African culture and history.  There you go! That’s it for the list of awesome Black channels to get lost in this Holiday season. You can  watch AfroLandTV on your smart TV (Roku, Samsung, Vizio, Fire TV, LG, and others), streaming device, or  download mobile apps in the Apple and Google stores. See where they are available here.

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