Ten Twins: Twenty Names to Know

Double trouble…twice as nice…peas in a pod…These twins are killing the game and you need to know their names (yes, I’m a poet lol)

,1. ,Hermon & Heroda

Eritrean fashion bloggers Hermon and Heroda Berhane were just seven years old when they both mysteriously went deaf at the same time. They now have blossoming careers in modeling and acting as well as a popular blog showcasing their passion for travel, fashion, lifestyle, beauty and diversity. I love that they call out prejudice so boldly and encourage people to widen their perspectives because “the more you see, the less you hate!”

2. Wonder & Wendy

Stylish Ghanaian twins Wonder and Wendy Amegah also known as WW Twins are twin models and beauty influencers. Together with their sister Pamella (I stan a family business!), they founded ,Belle Mélange Organics which is carefully handmade with pure organic extracts, oils and butter for your hair and skin care needs. #BuyBlack

,3. ,Les Twins

Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois, professionally known as Les Twins, were born in Paris, France and are the youngest in a large Guadeloupean extended family of 9 children. They did not receive any formal dance training and instead learned by observing breakers, lockers and poppers and teaching themselves classical ballet techniques. If they look familiar to you, that’s probably because you’ve seen them performing on stage with an endless list of music artists, including Beyoncé, Missy Elliot and Meghan Trainor. In 2017, they won the reality competition series World of Dance, executively produced by Jennifer Lopez.

4. Lauren & Lara

These adorable South African sisters have become TikTok stars with over 860k followers. They call themselves “CEO of the best duo in South Africa” (see, I’m not the only one that rhymes) and you can watch their endless cute and creative videos on TikTok. I just spent a ridiculous amount of time watching their videos and I think they’ve finally convinced me to attempt my first TikTok, lol.

5. The Twin Doctors

Idries and Jamil Abdur-Rahman are twin OB/GYNs. In addition to practicing medicine, both brothers are nationally recognized medical experts and intrepid media personalities. They use their website to inform, enlighten, motivate, educate and entertain while simultaneously stimulating discussion all in the name of a healthier planet. We love to see educated brothers (literally)!

6. Mongake Twins

Tshegofatso and Tsholofelo Mongeka are South African twins who have made a name for themselves as twin influencers. They have their own YouTube channel where they share personal stories, review different products, partake in popular challenges and more. Their beauty, radiance and bubbly personalities capture the screen with ease! They are ambassadors for Cotton on Africa and have worked with brands like Adidas and Nivea.

7. Shasha & Lala

This Congolese and Senegalese dancing duo have grown their social media platform to over 200k followers by posting videos of themselves dancing to popular choreography and doing trending challenges. They’re only 17 years old and I just know they’re going to do great things in the future, so you’re welcome for the introduction.

8. Alex & Yanick

Ahhh see fashion and style!! Congolese twins Alex and Yanick Manzizila based in Stockholm, Sweden have built a popular brand and following by sharing their passions of fitness and fashion. I am here for a man that can dress, but TWO is even better!

9. Ayaan and Idyl

Somali twin sisters Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim founded Ditto Africa which is a content-driven and centralized shopping marketplace platform where global and local consumers can shop directly from a curated community of African and African diaspora brands. Black girl magic personified!

10. Feven & Helena

These Eritrean twin sisters are best friends and founders of ,2•4•1 Cosmetics. Born in a refugee camp in Sudan they later relocated to Rochester, New York with their family. They define beauty as grace and resilience and their mission is to create an effortless beauty brand that instills confidence, kindness and integrity. I have personally tried their products and can vouch that they’re amazing, but you don’t have to trust me (though you should)…Queen OPRAH, yes you read that right, herself featured them on her ,list of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2020!! Check out my interview with them for ,Amplified Voices here!

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