Tems and Elaine Bag BET Awards Nominations

Ever since the world got to hear Essence from Wizkid’s album, it seems Tems has skyrocketed to stardom. Essence is arguably the most successful song on the album and Tems is a huge part of that.

She released her first body of work just last year, the critically acclaimed EP ‘For Broken Ears’. It’s exciting to see where the music is taking her so far in her relatively short career. Individually she’s been mingling and hanging out with some of the biggest names in the industry. Sources tell us that during her time in Los Angeles earlier this year, she hung out with Drake and Dave while a host of other artists hit her up hoping to work with her. And why wouldn’t they? Tems has a spectacular voice and the sounds that she creates are just special. Apple Music recognizes her talent so much so that they asked her to record a version of John Legend’s ‘Ordinary people’ for their ‘Juneteenth: Freedom Songs’ Playlist.


Elaine is a 22-year-old South African singer-songwriter, born and raised in one of the biggest cities, Pretoria. She released her first body of work, ‘Elements’, in 2019 while she was still studying Law at University. ‘Elements’ made its way to the top of South Africa’s charts and got the young lady some recognition globally from fans. Her sound has been described as something of a mix of trap and soul music. That is not a mix you hear every day, but Elaine is a modern artist and modern artists aren’t really boxed into one single genre.


Both these young women are super talented and are destined for big things in music. The recognition from BET will be a special moment in their careers. Other acts nominated for the viewers’ choice for Best New International act are Arlo Parks, Bramsito, Bree Runway, MC Dricka, and Ronisia. The winner will be selected by public votes and this year BET is thinking out of the box with their voting method. Fans vote by simply following the BET International Instagram page and liking the post of their favorite nominees.

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