Royal Ezenwa is Making an Impact Through Music and Career

Royal Ezenwa is a Nigerian-American vocalist and Afrofusion artist, and a male nurse who has been working on the front lines.

Royal is currently using his range of talents to impact the world. As a first generation Nigerian transplant, he works frontline in the trenches as one of the few male registered nurses at his hospital as the battle rages against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only is he serving the community during the week, Royal Ezenwa also creates music that has begun to cross the borders into Europe and Africa. His first hit single Everyday has more than 150,000 streams to date and his current single “I Know” featuring Nigerian, Lagos based singer Oxlade.

Sophomore year in college is when Royal wrote his first lyrics following some encouragement from a friend. What started out as something just for fun, sparked into the discovery of a natural gift which after being nourished has grown to be very special. Inspired greatly by gospel and hip-hop, Royal draws on those influences which he effortlessly fuses with his Afro roots.

Royal wants people to know that there are many ways you can use all your gifts and talents to make an impact in this world and that you don’t have to be limited to just one.

From the intoxicating beats, quality production and flawless delivery, Royal’s music is definitely something that has us excited and we cannot get enough! You can check out all of his music here, and be sure to connect with him on Instagram.

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