Rego & Dise: A Black Love Story

Meet Regomoditswe, a full time Pilot, part time YouTube Content Creator and Modise, a full time Health & Wellness specialist, part time musician and content creator.

They have a joint YouTuber channel called RegoDise where they share about God, Love & Adventure.

Where Are You From?
We’re both from South Africa and we are a married couple from the Setswana culture.

How Did You Meet?
We met in high school however, we only started dating after high school in 2011.

How Did You Know You’ve Found The One?

Rego: I knew when he told me his intentions for me, his dreams and plan for the future and knowing that he is a man who loves God, was an indication that our future is blessed. He told me that he was not merely dating for fun but with the intention for marriage.

Dise: A cliché moment presented itself when we were at the theme park this one time in 2011. She sat across me as we were having an intriguing conversation over lunch. I couldn’t help but gaze into her gorgeous eyes as she was speaking and I literally felt my heart throb irregularly which only meant that I was falling for her.

Tell Us About The Proposal

Rego: I didn’t expect it at all. But he did so well, he made me believe that I had planned our anniversary getaway but all along he was going to propose on a hot air balloon. It was truly magical and one of my favorite days of my life!

Dise: It was mission accomplished. The relief of a well executed proposal and fulfillment of a fairytale proposal for my then girlfriend. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. The magical view from a hot air balloon will forever be entrenched in my heart.

Any Challenges You’ve Had To Overcome?

Rego: Long Distance was the biggest challenge. We were young in our relationship and didn’t really take it seriously but we overcame it when we sat down and discussed our relationship and where it was heading. So that made me more determined to love better and make my relationship work.

Dise: The reality of a long distance relationship was undoubtedly the most challenging part of our relationship. It truly tested our love for one another especially because of the loss of physical touch and companionship. It forced us to be more deliberate with our communication and to treasure the limited moments we had when we could see each other.

What does Black Love Mean To You?

Rego: For me Black Love means a passionate understandable love, however, I think I would rather say God is Love, He loves me so much He gave up His Son for me. In that I am able to give off love to my partner, love that is unconditional but that serves a purpose to work together to show love to the world.

Dise: For me, ‘Black Love’ means that I should display true affection, care, protection and provision for my wife. It is a subliminal expectation from both families and for me it motivates me to value and appreciate my wife even more. She is my African Queen.

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