1-Crunchy Cinnamon - Show us some sugar! Coated with a yummy blend of cinnamon and sugar, this snack is sugary sweet yet tastefully refined with a warm touch of spice. Perfect for midday snacking


1-Sweet 'n' spicy - Sweet and temptingly tangy, the sweetened peppery flavor of chili flakes gives this snack a spicy kick for a finger-licking South of the Border experience. Pairs well with a glass of wine or cocktail


1- Original: Irresistibly sweet and mouthwateringly delicious chin chin crunchies are totally crave-worthy. Individually handmade using a traditional recipe with West African origins. These delectable fried goodies are best enjoyed during holidays spent in the company of family and friends. Pairs well with coffee or tea



• Handmade in small batches using a West African traditional recipe

• Freshness you'll enjoy down to the very last bite

• No artificial flavor or preservative


Chin Chin - Three Flavor sampler (3)



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