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Let's Get Away: Top 5 Must Visit Beaches in Tanzania!

Sun, sand, warm weather, tropical smoothies, brown bodies, and did I say sun?! These 5 beaches in Tanzania are located on the very eastern side of Africa, in the tropical belt, just below the equator. Between the year round sunshine and a pleasant climate of around 86 degrees fahrenheit, it's no wonder that the locals love living here! After a long winter and with spring approaching, the need to get out and enjoy the sun has long been tempting us. As I searched for my first real 2021 vacation to Africa, I came across these 5 beaches in Tanzania that seem like a must visit!


Talk about white sandy beaches, blue seas, and coral cliffs! Changuu Island is a site to see. It's placed right off the western coast of Zanzibar and is surrounded by magical pools cradled in rocks hidden in the woods. It is also home to giant Aldabra tortoises and varied bird species. The tortoises live on a protected sanctuary that you may visit; some tortoises living up to 100 years old! You have the option to stay at Changuu Lodge or the southwest section of the island facing Stone Town where 12 cottages are located in the historic quarantine zone of Prison Island.

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The island is called Prison Island because it was initially planned to become a prison when the first British minister of Zanzibar purchased the island. It was used briefly in the 1860's as a prison for rebellious slaves and a coral mine. Instead, it became a quarantine station for yellow fever cases. Now, people tour here for the holidays!

The island is number 5 on my list due to reviews that it is rather touristy and can get pretty crowded. Reviewers also say that the tortoise farm, the beautiful beach, and learning the dark history of the slaves are the only real attraction here. So, if you are looking for something more quiet and open, this may not be the vacation island for you.

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Photo Credit: Adobe


Paje Beach is a fascinating village surrounded by blueish green water and white sand famous for its water sports. What I love about Paje Beach is the amount of lodging options they have. Villa Kiota is described as charming, with a beautiful garden, clean and relaxing feel. B4 Beach Club has really cute cabins, gorgeous property, and air conditioning (which is rare)! Jaribu Beach Hotel is tranquil, easy to walk to other beaches, and comfortable! These are just a few amazing stays, check out Expedia for other accommodations here.

Paje Beach was built to enjoy the local atmosphere. Local people usually spend the whole day engulfed in their work - gathering seaweed, making ropes of coconut fibers, repairing or building boats (dhows). Paje is famous for its kitesurfing center and I ranked it number 4 on my list because although I love the locals, I hear that the beach boys can get pretty annoying and even aggressive towards tourists.

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Bwejuu made it to number 3 on my list for being the "honeymooners paradise." It is enveloped in a beautiful tropical garden that enhances your feeling of exclusive seclusion. What couple doesn't want to feel like it's only them on an island?! The location and service are incredibly intimate. This beach has tons to do as well; water sports; diving with dolphins, delicious food at the restaurants, and site seeing! You can also choose to either stay at a high end resort like Barazaa Resort and Spa with 30 private villas or somewhere more private like The Palms, which only has 6 villas. Who doesn't want to stay at a place that reviewers deem to be the perfect escape!

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This beach was rated number one on Touropia under 10 best beaches to visit in Tanzania, so I had to check it out and it did not disappoint! Kendwa Beach is home to resorts, hotels and guesthouses all up and down this lovely island! There is plenty to do here including; visit the Fukuchani Ruins, Full Moon beach parties, swimming in the low and high tide, buying tasty fruit and traditional clothing from the locals, and let's not mention a Jet Ski Safari!(ah!) The only reason this is number 2 on my list is the constant complaint of the growing litter that is on the streets. I would hate for it to get in that beautiful sand and water, so let's hope they keep it under control!

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Take me to Fanjove Island! One way please! I'm all about seclusion, privacy, peace and quiet! This is what makes Fanjove Island my number 1 pick!

According to TanzaniaOdyssey, from the moment you board the plane at Dar Es Salaam and fly south, away from the crowds on their way north to Zanzibar, you realize you are heading somewhere special.

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Photo Credit: The Luxury Safari Company

I am in love with the fact that this island doesn't have the typical tourist population, swimming pools, and resort type feel. It has pools made by mother nature to dive into, bird and sea life sharing the sand and land around you, and even the lodging is simple with only 6 bandas. The bandas are spaced apart and have their own private entry way. You hardly even know you have neighbors! Even though you have lots of time to yourself, there are also plenty of activities to do here. There are fishing trips offshore, kayaking, kite surfing, snorkeling and diving. The Fanjove is the second out of two private islands in Tanzania. The other is Mnemba island which is a cozy little hideaway itself!

Although there is good cell service, there is no Wifi, TV or radio, but there are charging ports so you can hopefully use your hotspot, music on your phone or your own radio player. I mean we are in the age of technology, so you can make it happen! I am all about the experience and one thing this beach and all the other beaches on this list provide is just that!

So, do your research, pick your vibe, and get out of town!

Check out this short video of Fanjove Private Island, courtesy of The Luxury Safari Company!



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