How Our Parents Used To Take Pictures Challenge Is Hilariously Relatable

New trends pop up faster than I can keep up with, but the latest "How Our Parents Used To Take Pictures" challenge has really brought me immense joy. I've always loved browsing through my parents old photo albums, admiring them in their prime and imagining what they were like at my age. One thing I've concluded with certainty is posing by a plant with one handing gently placed on a leaf or branch was really THAT pose!

I would joke about some of their pictures until one day my mother put me in my place and said, "well your generation's grandkids won't see anything but kitty ears, and sparkles all over your pictures." She's not wrong. Decades from now our pictures, distorted by filters, are sure to be the center of all the jokes. Until then though, enjoy how much you're going to relate to these posts of how your parents used to take pictures.

The dedication to get these pictures to look like our parents has people dressing up in vintage fashion and posing. While the women rock kitten heels and afros, the men don unbuttoned shirts and wide leg pants. Notice, there are no selfies or pouted lips in sight. Instead their faces are somber and serious, while poses include leaning on the wall, rolling on the grass or standing in front of bushes and trees.

My favorite thing about all of these challenges is the creativity that it exposes. As more trends appear, people are getting exceedingly creative with the pictures they take and the videos they make. I especially enjoyed watching the videos for this challenge. I sent some to my mom and she laughed and said to me, "you see, your parents were trendy back in the day." Let's hope our pouty lip selfies and butterfly filters will one day be excused as trendy.

Check out the compilation video below for some great "How Our Parents Used To Take Pictures Challenge" poses and I'm sure some will look familiar.