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Some Black Joy to Add to Your Timeline

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

We love Black Boy Joy and Black Girl Magic. Two things that bring us joy...seeing our people joyful, thriving, and shining! One of the best places this is exemplified is through Black kids and their families. We all know the timeline can be a negative place at times, overwhelming with disheartening information. Especially in this year. It is so important to balance your feed and digital consumption with light, joy, laughter and love. We’ve compiled some of our favorite family and kid pages that bring us joy and laughter. If you’re not following them, what are you doing? Fill your timeline with wholesome joy brought to you by the following families:

1. Big Boy Comedy Show (@bigboycomedyshow)

The question has to be asked: who is the big boy in this family? The Adhanom family is arguably run by Liam featuring his costars: twin sister Leah, older sister Sinaya, and the baby of the family Ariam (Ari, who is also a star in her own right). Each member of the Eritrean-Jamaican family brings their own unique and individual personality that contributes to the hilarious videos they produce. Most times you’ll catch Liam (Big Boy) giving a lecture on things like cancelling Christmas for Leah, or on the various mistakes he thinks his dad makes. Count on Leah for all the fly dance moves and poses, and Ari for the cuteness overload. Ari is a star within her own right, taking over with her contagious laughter, and rather cute mischief. Ari is so high in demand that she has her own page @arishikor dedicated solely to everything Ari. And who is Ari’s best friend in the family? You’ll have to watch to find out the answer to the age-old question.

2. Beleaf In Fatherhood (@beleafmel)

Beleaf in Fatherhood began with Beleaf bringing visibility to Black fatherhood, as a stay at home father with two boys. With two more kids in the picture and now a full time entrepreneur and Youtuber, Beleaf continues to bring us dynamic family content. Filled with affirmations, music created by Beleaf, and pranks, you’ll always have a smile on your face journeying through the lives of this beautiful family of six. Memorable moments include the lie detector test and Beleaf doing his kids’ hair. His second page, @chocolatebabies is dedicated to the sweet moments of his children.

3. The Kabs Family (@thekabsfamily)

This London based Ghanaian-Congolese family will draw you in immediately with their fun family dynamics. Three-year old Mali and her car videos with her dad are definitely a highlight. Their back and forth banter and Mali successfully taking control over the aux to sing her little heart out will leave you laughing in tears. Now I don’t know if it’s the British accent, but something about the way Mali speaks makes you think you’re listening to an adult. In their last car video, Mali’s dad Tay threatens to leave the car after she takes over the aux yet again. Her response? “Okay bye. Don’t forget your mask!” You can also follow Mali’s personal page @maliya_kabs.

4. McClure Twins (@mccluretwins)

Perhaps two of the cutest twins on Instagram. You may remember them from their viral video a couple of years ago in which Alexis cried after finding out her twin Ava was one minute older than her. They have since grown into young beautiful girls named as Forbes Top 10 Kid Influencers. Their sassy and comedic personalities, especially in their dialogue together, will have you coming back for more. Style, fashion, goofiness, and beauty all wrapped in two!

5. Zaza (@redcarpetgirlz)

If you haven’t already, meet the five year old entertainer who has taken Instagram by storm! Zaza has had more streams of her music than your average SoundCloud rapper. Boasting 1.1M streams in her 2020 Spotify Wrapped, the little star has a big stage. Zaza is not only an artist, but a mini fashion icon, dancer, and is impeccable with her impersonations. She’s got the spunk, flavor, and confidence of a superstar in the making.

6. Afrocentric Kids (@afrocentrickids)

Afrocentric Kids simply brings you all the black baby and children content you need for your timelines. Their daily content features a variety of black children serving you daily doses of cuteness. For all the heartwarming, cute, and funny kids to brighten your timeline Afrocentric Kids is a must.



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