Oxlade Has Done it Again!

In recent years, many artists have favored releasing EP’s over full length projects. One of the biggest artists at the forefront of that movement is Nigerian singer Oxlade.

Oxlade is one of the most exciting young artists out of Nigeria at the moment. His voice is brilliant and his sound is amazing. He was born and raised in the well-known Mushin area of Lagos, and began his musical journey in the choir, which may explain why his voice sounds angelic at times.

Oxlade’s almost sudden appearance on the scene is no mistake. He has worked extremely hard developing his sound and craft and the Oxlade we see today has taken years to grow into the artist that he is. He has just released a new 4 track EP titled Eclipse, which is a project about love. Oxlade portrays himself avoiding love, trying to fall in love, and finding love. It’s really beautiful.

In his own words, here’s what Oxlade had to say about his new project:

“An eclipse occurs when two celestial bodies are involved. This love story is the result of two godlike creatures falling in love and that love story if completed, would be the most powerful force in the universe. Sadly, not all love stories have a happy ending.”

The lead single off the EP, Ojuju, is a song about being open to falling in love and features Oxlade’s addictive, one-of-a-kind mix of Afrobeat, R&B and Country music influences, with his distinctive, mesmerizing vocals and captivating song-writing and storytelling skills to create another future hit.


Speaking on the single Ojuju, Oxlade said:

“’Ojuju is a story of a divine creature being afraid of falling in love, as it exposes a weak side of the being. But, when someone is in love, they fear nothing. Being in love is a beautiful feeling. You just cannot get enough of that person, you cannot imagine a day without that person in your life, and you just keep wanting more of that same person every single day!”

Oxlade has done it again! His storytelling really stands out as he blends a mix of unique sounds on this project. Eclipse is the third EP Oxlade is releasing in 3 consecutive years after 2020’s Oxygene and 2019’s Stepback. He just might be the king of EP’s, but it would be nice to get an album soon.

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