Meet The Curly Creatives Who Have That Secret Sauce

For Black women, embracing our natural hair has not always been the case. There have been so many changes in how our people have cared for and styled their kinky textured hair based on what products have been available and what techniques were known. It’s been a hair journey!

The natural hair movement has seen more and more Black women put down the creamy crack (a slang term used to describe chemical hair relaxer), and rock natural styles like cornrows, box braids, locs and afros.

These 5 social media influencers have been transparent on their large platforms about their hair journey sharing their top tips and tricks, products and hair care secrets.

Ephrata Abate (@ephrizzy)

Known for her crown of curls and radiant glow, Ephrata is a model and student. The Los Angeles based beauty has been in numerous music videos including SiR’s “Hair Down” which features Kendrick Lamar, Jhene Aiko, Miguel and Future’s “Happiness Over Everything (H.O.E)” and most recently she sparked a lot of buzz as one of the gorgeous girls in the Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” video that debuted last May. “I never intend to be trendy, I intend to be impactful,” she told Amplify Africa, “I use my platform to naturally bring representation to the 4b-4c hair community, or anyone who wants to wear their natural hair confidently. When people visit my page I want them to see themselves in one way or another, not have it be unreachable.”

Jewellianna Palencia (@jewejewebee)

A popular YouTuber with over 500k subscribers, Jewellianna uses her platform to share her natural hair tips and tricks, different hairstyle tutorials, lifestyle videos, and more. She has built her following for years gaining the trust of women embarking on their own natural hair journeys who are seeking must use products and methods to have the healthiest hair.

Chizi Duru (@chiziduru)

Chizi is a YouTube natural hair guru. She has garnered widespread popularity for her 4C natural hair tutorials. With her bubbly personality and glowing confidence, her videos will leave you in fits of laughter and with the encouragement to care for your 4C curls and confidently try out new looks.

Cynthia Andrew (@simplycyn)

Founder of the popular blog Simply Cyn, this New York City based lawyer is a natural hair advocate whose blog covers fashion, beauty, home decor and lifestyle. While these are all the things she loves, celebrating her natural curly hair is what she is best known for and she serves as a source of inspiration for women with kinkier curls. By celebrating every aspect of herself, Cynthia has built a loyal following of over 260k followers.

Rekik Neway (@dopeethiopian)

You may recognize Rekik from her Tumblr days where she first gained popularity by making videos and posting photos at the age of 13. Boasting over 172k subscribers on her YouTube channel Dope Ethiopian, Rekik shares videos detailing her natural hair and skin routines, beginner friendly how-to videos (I learned to cornrow my own hair here!), and much more. Last year, this beauty made an appearance in Beyoncé’s music video for her hit “Brown Skin Girl,” featuring WizKiz, SAINt JHN and Blue Ivy. When Amplify Africa asked what her hair means to her she said, “It’s safe to say, I LOVE MY HAIR! It took me jumping on my self-love journey to realize my hair is truly an extension of me. It’s not only a way I express the many sides of me, but a way my body communicates with me (your hair tells you a lot about how you’re doing and what you need). If there’s anything I hope people get from my online content now-a-days it is to see the power in their true selves. Whether I’m changing my hairstyle, outfit, etc., I am uniquely made at the core and that will always be my power.” Her effervescent personality, hilarious commentary, intriguing creativity and relatable content is how she has maintained a loyal following for the last ten years.

There are so many Queens out there rocking their natural coils and looking amazing doing so! Let us know some of your favorites in the comments.

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