Isayas & Loza: A Black Love Story

Meet Loza Theodros a pharmacist for an HIV specialty pharmacy and Isayas Theodros an actor and a realtor for Theodros Team Realty. They are an Ethiopian-American married couple based in Los Angeles who are passionate about bringing light and love to people through different platforms. Whether it’s through their individual professions, shared projects like LightandLove.Life, or speaking engagements, their hope is that they can stir people’s faith and inspire hope to others. ⁣

How/When Did You Meet?⁣

L: Isayas and I met at a winter church conference in 2011. I was living in Oklahoma at the time, and Isayas was in California. Our initial meet was platonic in nature, and we were just in different seasons of our lives. We reconnected in 2014 when Isayas slid into my Twitter DM’s after a blog post I had written and shared. He eventually asked me for my number, and the rest is history. ⁣

How Did You Know You Had Found “The One”?⁣

L: Isayas was very intentional in the way he was pursuing me. As we got to know each other, my interest in him kept growing. I knew that he was somebody special. Also, it was easy to be myself around him. Most importantly, he magnified who God was to me. That’s how I knew God was in this relationship, and that perhaps this was more a divine connection than I could have ever imagined. ⁣

I: I had been intentionally single and celibate for the 2 years before I reconnected with Loza. When we did start talking, it was very clear to me that she was the one because I felt free with her. No hang ups or reservations about the idea of her being my life partner unlike some other really good women I had met before her. For the entirety of our relationship, I wanted nothing more than to know her more.

How Did The Proposal Go?

I: It was amazing. I was living in London for a majority of our engagement period while I was in drama school when Loza had come out to visit me for New Years Eve 2015. I had planned for us to bring in the New Year in Paris and I proposed to her at La Basilique de Sacre Coeur, the highest point in all of the city at sunset.

What kind of challenges, if any have you had to face, and how did that impact the way you love?

L: Collectively learning what it means for us to be on the same team. I think this idea is understood in theory when two people come together to get married, but the way it’s executed in actuality was more challenging for us. We both functioned successfully as autonomous individuals, but we had to learn how to better serve, trust, and sacrifice for one another. Not to assume that we are always on the same page. And when we are not, to communicate in love in the hope of understanding the other person without trying to steer the other person into our own way of thinking. Despite the challenges, it has helped us communicate better, understand each other deeper, and ultimately made us a more unified entity.

What does the term “Black Love” mean to you? How does it affect how you relate to your partner?

I: To me Black Love is about being excellent and unapologetic. To be resilient and dignified. Loza and I are both proud of our Blackness and are grateful for the joys that come with being Black.

What is one piece of relationship advice you have to offer others?

I: Establish a clear shared vision or ethos that defines your relationship and then be relentless about making sure your lives reflect it.

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