#FreePalestine: Thousands of Tunisians March in Support of Palestinians

Thousands of Tunisians gathered in Tunisia’s capital, Tunis to show solidarity with Palestine as the ongoing hostilities with Israel and Gaza thickens.

The protests, organized by the influential General Tunisian Workers Union, or UGTT, had protesters march from their locations and centred in Mohamed V avenue in Tunis, urging the Tunisian Parliament to pass a law that resisted relationship with Israel.

In the over two weeks of conflict between both countries, Gaza has suffered at least the death of 227 recorded persons that includes 64 children and 38 women and 1,620 people wounded according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Israel on the other hand has recorded the death of 12 people.

The Tunisian government has also embodied calls to guarantee the freedom of the Palestinian people.

Speaking at a speech on Wednesday, General Secretary of the Tunisian General Labour Union Noureddine Taboubi raised calls for the boycott of goods from America and European countries that support Israel.

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