Finally! Tomilola Is Back!

It’s been a year since Tomilola dropped her debut single Let Go ft. The Cavemen – the self-care anthem that captured our hearts. Now the Afro-fusion singer & songwriter is back with another feel-good jam that magnetizes people to the idea of seeking and embracing inner freedom.

A much-needed message that she effortlessly amplifies in her music. An uplifting song, backed by some vibrant instrumentation and carried by Tomilola’s unmistakable voice, Finally, feels like the perfect balancing act to her burgeoning discography. But to Tomilola it also serves as a differentiator from her previous releases based on the mindset and creative process that went into creating the song.

Speaking about how this release differs from the others, she states “I just listened to the instrumental and then started writing.” Unlike prior times where she would start by thinking about everything behind the release, in this one she prioritized enjoying the process. As an artist and an individual, Tomilola’s growth over the past year of lockdown has led her to unlock some new levels in her creative process.

So with this release, as opposed to creating a song with an explicit meaning and sharing that meaning with her listeners, she’s guiding her listeners to listen to the music, feel it, and then arrive at their own translations of the meaning from there. With this one, the vibrations are resounding! Tomilola is using Finally to encourage her listeners to feel free in exploring their own understandings of life in youth.

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