Christopher Thomas: Black Chairman of the New Artificial Intelligence World

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming more advanced in the U.S and as this growing tech world progresses, so does the need for more understanding about it and more ways on how it can help society. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging tool that enables people to rethink how we integrate information, analyze data, and use the resulting insights to improve decision making. Of the 9,100 patents, received by IBM inventors in 2018, 1,600 (or nearly 18 percent) were AI-related! Although software companies such as Zoom and Skype, that have allowed us to communicate through video telephone and online chat services, aren’t exactly brand new to the world, there are some improvements that have taken place that will change the future of communication.

After COVID-19 hit the world pretty hard, it forced many companies either out of business or shifting to a work from home model to prevent the spread of the virus. More and more companies are now depending on virtual softwares to help them stay connected to their employees. App makers hopped on this knowing that organizations would need to make some changes if they want to successfully conduct interviews, business meetings and trainings. Popular applications such as ,Supernormal, ,Mmhmm, and ,Run the World have developed platforms to make video conferencing private, less boring, and more professional. Even the education system has switched over to the virtual world.

This brings me to the platform ,Virtme Technology, which was founded by Black entrepreneur, Christopher Thomas to help connect companies and individuals to host virtual conferences, events, meetings and trainings. The great thing about Virtme Tech is that it has a bigger purpose, and Thomas was nice enough to sit down and talk to me about his vision for this growing tech company and why he is confident it will be one of the greatest changes to the virtual reality world come 2022.

Christopher Thomas has been a marketing and branding consultant for over 25 years in 52 different industries! He successfully established the MMGroup Marketing Agency, published inCity Magazine and just released Uncover the Preeminence of Virtual Reality, which is free when you sign up for his newsletter on Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was no doubt that he would be groomed as a marketing guru.

Amplify Africa: Are you full time Chairman for Virtme Tech now or are you still marketing for your clients?

Christopher Thomas: Oh no, definitely still doing that! That’s my bread and butter!

AA: Is it true you had your own legal business at the age of 16 years old?

CT: Yes, it was a janitorial service called “Dirt Penitentiary.” The slogan was “we are locking all the scum up.” I will tell you something funny, because people thought we must have been a prison or something, all types of people called us trying to get someone bailed out or just prison questions. It was crazy.

AA: I can see how that can happen! So, you must have had some pretty refined lessons growing up then, to have your own business at such a young age.

CT: My grandparents were entrepreneurs. My dad was the breadwinner, he didn’t believe in credit and paid cash for everything and it took a while for him to make things happen [laughing]. So I grew up thinking that way as well.

AA: How did you find that marketing and branding was your thing, because you figured it out pretty young?

CT: Everything I was doing was preparing me to be that. I was good at public speaking. I was good at doing taxes. I was preparing my friends taxes at 16 years old. I was the youngest in my accounting class! I had hosted a formal event one time that turned out to be very successful and I did a lot of the planning and marketing for it. One day I just got an interest in creativity and somehow got bit by the PR and Marketing bug. I didn’t know I was into marketing, I just knew I was good at it.

AA: And now you’re one of the greatest marketing and branding consultants out there!

CT: With the help of learning through my mistakes and the mistakes of my clients. I call it the fail and feedback. No one likes failures but I look at failure as feedback. It helps when we consult our clients and they get dynamic results.

AA: Let’s talk more about Virtme Tech. I read that you aren’t really a tech guy, so why start this?

CT: I’m not a tech guy when it comes to coding and all that. But I have always been a nerd. Research and development led to Virtme.

AA: I know Virtme Tech is still in the works and undergoing a lot of testing this year, but can you explain to audiences what you plan on doing with it and how it can help global warming.

CT: Virtme is a platform that will host large scale events, conferences, trainings, and other forms of meetings globally. Let’s say for example, you want to go to a comedy show in Atlanta but you live in Phoenix. Virtme will create a space where you can join that comedy show right from your home by yourself or with your friends. You will even have your own seat. You will be yourself and you can customize what you want to wear.

AA: Sounds dope! So, will the entertainers be at the actual venue and we are just tuning in from our home?

CT: Yes and no. The entertainers can be virtual as well! I also have an idea to make a VIP experience to where if you are in a particular row, the performer can see you are in that row and shout you out. Imagine Beyonce saying, “Hey Sarita, I see you! Love that red dress!”

AA: And as far as global warming goes?

CT: The more traffic we can get off the streets, the cleaner we can keep our atmosphere. Think about all of those people that drive out to concerts, shows, and meetings?

AA: Yes! We need as much carbon dioxide out of the air as we can. So when are you in hopes of launching this amazing idea?!

CT: We are hoping to have setup and tested by the end of 2021 and first quarter of 2022. We are still creating a full blueprint and we start testing in April of this year.

AA: In the meantime, you have a scholarship program with Virtme Tech and an ebook that people can read all about what’s going on.

CT: Correct! There is more information on our website and you will get a free E-book when you sign up with us.

AA: Any advice for new Black entrepreneurs?

CT: I live by the 3 H’s. Humble, Hungry, and Honest. Also, keep good people around you.

To stay connected to Christopher Thomas, you can find him here:





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