Celebrating Black Artists You Need To Know

If you aren’t an Art nut like me, you probably will be after you see these talented Black canvas painters, sculptors, and graffiti artists! As much as some people say social media ruined modern America, we have to admit, without social media we wouldn’t be exposed to as much as we are. People wouldn’t have the opportunities they have now, and talent wouldn’t be as easily discovered. I have grown to make sure I use social media as a network to find Black businesses and Black entrepreneurs all over the country and, while doing so, finding some pretty cool artists! Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself!

Kervin Andre is a Haitian artist from Port-au-Prince and lives in Roselle, New Jersey and boy does this man know how to work a paint brush! He has over 80 pieces of artwork on his site that you can purchase in print or canvas. You can also shop a pair of custom sneakers designed by Kevin himself! Kevin hopes to give others a sense of pride, heritage, culture, and true knowledge of themselves through his artwork. Take a look at his website for a list of all of his affordable pieces you can buy and follow him on Instagram for some insight into how he creates these masterpieces!

Vision & Sound founded by Michael and Norma Cunningham, and located in the West Valley and Phoenix, Arizona is an art exhibit dedicated to women! These collections will take your breath away as they have such detail and imagination behind them. Michael is the artist and he says that he created this exhibit for women because “without you there is no us.” For a schedule of their events and much more visit their website and Instagram.


Check out the “Vision & Sound: An African American Experience” recent Facebook live featuring Stephen Marc and Bob Martin below:

Adeyemi Adegbesan aka Yung Yemi, is a photographic artist from Toronto, Canada who has an incredible eye for detail and art that has a technical yet beautiful feel. His art reflects on Blackness through pre-colonial – colonial – present day and future timelines, across regions, religions, varying levels of income, and political lines. His work has been featured in AfroPunk, and Revolt and he has been showcasing his work in exhibitions since 2014. If you have seen the R&B music artist Usher’s new video ,Don’t Waste My Time,, then you have seen Adeyemi’s artwork! If not, take another look! You can also see some of his work in coloring books. He said he made them to help you pass time at work, but they probably work really well for stress as well! Visit his website to shop his pieces and follow him on Instagram to view more of his captivating work.

John L. Hill is a celebrity artist that has been creating portraits since he was just 9 years old. Many celebrities including Russell Westbrook, Mike Tyson, Dr. Dre and Steve Harvey own pieces of his work! “I love what I do and I have always loved it. I love to impress people, to connect with people, to bring value to peoples lives.” Check out his Instagram for a closer look at the incredibly realistic portraits he creates and visit his website to shop his artwork and merch too!

Enough about the Kings! Introducing you to a Queen, Penda Diakité, is a Malian-American Artist that mixes her blended culture into her artwork. She uses it to show the historical West African tradition and how it co-exists among popular media’s portrayal of people of color. Diakité is pretty popular and created her first painting when she was only 4 years old with bogolan (mud-cloth) painting. She received a book deal with Scholastic Press that published her book I Lost My Tooth in Africa when she was 10 years old and it was featured on Reading Rainbow! She was able to mature her painting skills while she was in school earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in mixed media college style work. For more of her unique art check her out on Instagram.

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