Celebrating-Afro Latinx Creatives

This month, in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, we wanted to take the time to highlight some amazing Afro-Latinx creatives. This past week the hashtag #AfroLatinxsCreate took hold on Twitter, showcasing illustrations by Afro-Latinx creatives from around the world. The illustrations had a diverse range featuring vibrant colors and images, and most importantly representation. Many artists drew on their identity and experiences as Afro-Latinx in their artwork. The hashtag took place in tandem with #DrawingWhileBlack. In recognition of the rich diverse culture encompassed in Latinx heritage and culture we’ve collected a sample of Afro-Latinx creators to keep on your radar and support. To view the full list of artists be sure to check out the hashtag on Twitter.

Yesenia Moises (@elixiadraws)

Yesenia Moises identifies herself as an Afro-Latina Kid Lit illustrator and Toy Designer who loves fantasy and bright colors. Her artwork also features her love of big hair. “Whether your hair is kinky or curly, I just want you to know that your hair is beautiful,” she tweeted. You can find more of her work at yeseniamoises.com and visit her Etsy shop to purchase pieces.

Cienna Smith (@polarbearrs)

Cienna Smith, also known as Anna, is a Black and Latina Illustrator and Visual Development artist based in New York City. Her practice hones in on colorful artwork that evokes a sense of energy and life. In her personal work she delves into surrealism, her Caribbean upbringing, and painting women who appear like they could be family. Smith is heavily influenced by storytelling and has a deep passion for traditional animation. You can find her work at ciennasmith.com as well as her shop for any purchases.

Amber L. Jones (@thatdaggerstar)

Amber Jones is an Afro-Puerto Rican Illustrator based in New York who creates comics, animation, and character design. In the past she has done freelance design work for companies like Noir, Cartuna, LLC, and other individual clients. She has her own comic properties “Sandra” and “Spirit Pizza” she likes to work on in her free time. Her work maintains a common theme of young women pursuing big dreams and of working in teams. More of her work is available at daggerstar.works.

Ashanti Forston (@ashantifortson)

Ashanti Forston is a Cartoonist, Illustrator, and Writer with an interest in the fantastical and the introspective. She self-identifies as a queer disabled Afro-Mexican whose work primarily explores questions of connection with the self, with others, and with the world particularly in the context of fantasy and sci-fi. She is currently working on her debut graphic novel, Cress & Petra which will be out from HarperCollins in 2023. The piece draws deeply from her own experiences as an autistic person, as a queer person, and as a person of color. Much of her work is available to view on her website ashantifortson.com.

Cyan Daly (@cyleidah)

We have another New Yorker in the house! Cyan Daly is an Afro-Latina freelance Illustrator based in New York City. Her work uniquely pairs bold and bright color palettes with the colorful culture she experiences. She has a passion for storytelling, character design, and bringing words to life. She likes her “hair fresh and my colors juicy.” Find her work on her website cyleida.me for viewing and purchase.

Ernanda Souza (@ernanda91)

Ernanda Souza is a 2D freelance and Fantasy Artist from Brazil. She works with Illustration and Character Concept Art and is currently working for Wizards of the Coast and Paizo. She loves saturated colors, ghost stories, magical subjects, fantasy, and purple. Her work features more mystical creations and can be found on her website ernandasouza.com.

Leandro Oliveira (@massai_)

Leandro Oliveira, better known as Massai, is a Latin American Black Artist from Brazil who enjoys creating psychedelic colorful pieces. He currently works as a Freelance Illustrator, developing art for event posters, prints and brewery labels. He has clients in Indonesia, England, Spain, Australia, the United States, and Brazil. Massai is a creative professional with well developed artistic skills who is open minded to new concepts and ways of reinventing himself. His website leandromassai.com is the place to go for all his artwork.

Channel Williams (@zorggie)

Channel Williams, also known as Nel, is an Afro-Latina 2D illustrator based in Long Beach, CA. She likes to focus on character design and goofy doodles, filling her art with color. She loves cars and bold colors, both which are featured in her pieces. She is currently working on children’s book illustrations, comics and her own doodles. Find her complete portfolio of artwork here.

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