Amplified Cities Is The New Show Exploring Modern African Cities

Following the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as well as the holiday seasons, global interest in travelling to Africa is once again reaching new peaks. People want to travel back to the African continent, for education, to reconnect with their roots, for tourism, just for fun and for a myriad of other reasons. But oftentimes, they have no idea where to start from. Even amongst African locals who were born and live in Africa, there is so much that is left unexplored about the African continent. This is where Amplified Cities, a new show that explores modern African cities comes in.

Amplified Cities is an Amplify Africa original that deep dives into the history, and culture of African cities and lets you explore Africa from the comfort of your own. This first season, viewers get a front seat into cities like Kigali, Mogadishu, Sao Tome and Larabanga.

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Welcome to the green paradise! Discover Sao Tome, one of Africa’s oldest colonial cities. Sao Tome’s history is as rich as the infamous green vegetation that has earned it the monicker of ‘the green paradise’. This episode of Amplified Cities takes you through the famous beaches of Sao Tome, the rich multicultural tribes within, and so much more.


Located at the most eastern point of the African continent, Mogadishu houses one of Africa’s most important ports and some of the most pristine beaches. In this episode of Amplified, we take a look through this metropolis that has positioned itself as a tourist destination thanks to its picturesque landscape, fashion and rich history.


Examine the mystical and quiet city of Larabnga with Amplified. Known for housing Ghana’s oldest mosque as well as for being the home of the fascinating legend of the mystic stone, Larabanga is filled with fascinating history and stories. Amplified takes you through the magical stories behind some of the town’s artefacts and so much more.


With titles like The Land of A Thousand Hills and Africa’s Cleanest Capital under its belt, it is no wonder that Kigali is an explorer’s dream. In this episode of Amplified, we take a look at the music scene, art space, culinary wonders and so much more that make Kigali a tourist’s delight.

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