A Show About ‘The Queen of Sheba’ Is In Development with Hulu’s Onyx 


Onyx Collective – a collective that exclusively produces shows for Hulu – shared during its presentation Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival that it is working a Queen of Sheba scripted drama series 

Sheba, which is also executively produced by Ryan Coogler, is co-created by Chantelle Wells (Showtime’s Yellowjackets) and actress-writer-producer Azie Tesfai (Supergirl).  As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the drama explores the rise to power of the first queen on the continent of Africa as she seeks to unite the nation now known as Ethiopia, making it one of the richest, most formidable kingdoms in the world.

Ryan Coogler—who has directed both of the Black Panther movies—is the executive producer for the drama, Chantelle Well, who is a writer on Yellowjackets, and Azie Tesfai, known for her role in Supergirl, will be involved in the creation of the film’s roll out. Sheba is the first scripted series to stem from the Black Panther alum’s overall deal with Onyx, the collective that focuses on stories of underrepresented communities.

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