5 African Movies To Watch For Free This Halloween

African filmmakers are no longer here to play. To reaffirm this, they have begun to bring on their A-game, and it’s only right that we respond by allowing them to redefine the industry. Given our wealth of culture, we have rich stories to tell. Notably, popular Afro-centric stories paving the way have been none other than The Black Panther and The Woman King from Hollywood. These movies have been accepted globally; they have made waves in the entertainment industry. The best part is that we have more such stories to bring to the world! To prove this, we’ve put together a list of good African horror movies you should watch this Halloween for free on the Pan-African streaming platform AfroLandTV.

MAY 29

May 29 is a Nigerian horror movie about a young girl named Mayowa. She returns to Nigeria to complete her education at a Nigerian university, following her father’s wishes. Mayowa tries to do well in school, but there’s some traditional responsibility that her parents put her under pressure to assume, but she’s unwilling to accept it. We can say that the horror scenes in this movie are not tacky; they’re good and look real. The storyline is also unprecedented. It’s unique in that the writer manages to bring horror into a story that could have easily been so normal.


This is a Kenyan movie that toggles between the living and the dead. It is about a young lady who finds herself in the middle of nowhere and how she comes to find out that she’s dead. She struggles with amnesia until her past life comes rushing back to her. Kati Kati is simply a good movie. So little is said, yet so much is done. There’s a lot of silence in the film, which the writers use to build suspense. It is a classy movie; it keeps you on the edge of your seat.


This is a Nollywood thriller about the horrific events that lead to the death of the main character, Jessica. What stands out about the movie is that it starts at the end of the story, where Jessica is found dead, and works its way up to the beginning, all the while uncovering events that leave its viewers in shock.


Ghetto Goblin is a South African horror movie about a suspicious businessman who has control over a fabled monster. He uses this monster to carry out a series of attacks on the women of a small town. These attacks start as a mystery, but it’s not long until a certain reverend can uncover that he is behind the attacks and is doing so to fulfill his greedy desires. It’s up to him to take on the beast that has never been defeated.


This is a Zimbabwean movie about a ten-year-old boy who becomes possessed by an evil spirit. This happens when his family takes extreme measures, turning to traditional methods to restore his health as he is terminally ill. At first, it seems like he is healed, but things fall into chaos as he slowly becomes possessed by this evil spirit that torments his parents. This movie will take you by surprise.

That’s it for the five movies we recommend this Halloween. These movies and many more African movies, Nollywood, and TV are free to watch at www.AfroLandTV.com. You can also download their apps in the Apple and Google stores. They are also on Smart TVs like Vizio, Roku, Samsung, and Fire TV. To visit AfroLandTV, click this link.

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