5 African Diaspora Podcasts To Listen To Now

Podcasts are experiencing a boom in their popularity and one can see why. They’re a great way to stay connected and learn new things without necessarily focusing on just that or having to stop performing a primary task. You could be learning tips on productivity while on the treadmill or be engrossed in a podcast episode about healthy romantic relationships while getting ready for bed. The handiness of this makes it understandable why it is something that more people than ever are getting into. 

Today, we are sharing five African diaspora podcasts we believe everyone should get into soon.

 Black Talk Radio Network

With the distinction of being ranked the top Black podcast in the world and the top African Diaspora podcast by Feedspot three years in a row, BlackTalk Radio Network is one of the most popular podcasts with a focus on the African diaspora. It is a collection of podcasts published on the Black Talk Radio Network platform ranging from topics about relationships, business, music, politics and more.

Jesus and Jollof

New York Times best-selling author and blogger Luvvie Ajayi and Insecure actress, Yvonne Orji are co-hosts of Jesus and Jollof, a podcast where they focus on their shared identities as Nigerian-American women and how that impacts different facets of their lives. 

The Stoop

Hosted by Leila Day and Hana Baba, The Stoop is a podcast about blackness, race, and identity in America. It features them exploring stories that are not always shared out in the open amongst members of the Black diaspora. 

Black History Buff

Much like the name implies, Black History Buff is a podcast focused on exploring black history. The podcast is for anyone – buff, or just curious about – Black History with each episode tackling a new facet or bit of Black history from music to social issues and culture and so much more.

Talking Heads

 Founded by the Africa Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, Talking Heads is a podcast focusing on bringing in experts to shatter the pre-convinced biases held by all who want to listen. It features short interviews with change-makers and influencers such as Kenyan tech expert Ory Okolloh, writer Chika Oduah and many others.

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